These high-performance and high-performance all-in-one computers allow you to easily fix audio and video office!


In our daily life, computers are not unfamiliar to us. Whether it is a traditional notebook computer or a bulky desktop separate computer, it is far from meeting people's needs, especially for designers, film and television work needs, but all-in-one computers It has become an essential entertainment office tool in all walks of life today. Because the all-in-one computer integrates internal components, only one power cord can complete all the external connections of a traditional computer.

Whether it’s a business office or gaming gaming, all-in-one computers have powerful processor computing capabilities, equipped with Intel’s latest eight-generation i5-i7 CPU core processor, equipped with 8G large memory, and 6G video memory, high-speed SSD solid state allows you to process and transfer speed first-class people is fast, usually boot just 6 seconds, the efficiency of the office, ultra-clear film sound, spike mainstream big game.

For the design, the all-in-one computer uses an ultra-narrow, borderless, ultra-clear LCD screen, with a slim body of only 3 cm, and 6 universal high-speed 3.0 USB ports. External microphone and audio can be installed, various body colors and base colors and shapes can be customized, support for wall mounting, support for wireless mouse buttons, Bluetooth, wifi, built-in high-definition camera, audio, expandable internal hardware, such as memory, graphics card , Hard disk, etc.

The all-in-one computer can also be touched and operated, and a series of operations such as finger dragging, zooming, rotating, and page turning can be performed, especially for brushstroke technology, which is undoubtedly the best choice for designers who like hand-drawn painting.

All-in-one computers do not require redundant installation steps for users, just plug in a power cord and press the power button, and it does not take up indoor desktop space. With all-in-one computers, many problems such as cumbersome desktop cables and insufficient notebook performance can be solved.