What are the advantages and value of cloud desktop computer systems?


he most important advantage of the cloud desktop system is that its work between data security and confidentiality is very prominent. Safety and stability are very high coefficients.

1. Data is stored in a centralized cloud; the data is stored in the scheduler, which effectively solves the problem of data loss caused by computer failure or damage without worrying about computer failure or damage.

2. Automatic backup; it solves the problem of data backup very well. Automatic data backup plays a good role in protecting the overall data of the enterprise. Under the protection of multiple hard disks, the regulator can be performed in a stable state.

3. Protection when the cloud desktop computer fails. When working with the desktop cloud system, the data will not disappear when an unexpected event causes a power outage or blue screen. You only need to restart or change a cloud terminal to continue working .

4. When the system is running, it uses USP power supply. Even after an unexpected power failure, it can rely on the cloud scheduler for uninterrupted power supply. With multiple hard disk data backup, even if the hard disk is damaged, the data will not be lost.

Cloud Desktop Computer

5. The port can be controlled in accordance with the requirements of the buyer's company. Whether it is completely disabled or open, it needs to be authorized by the enterprise. Full control of USB, serial port, parallel port, infrared, etc. can effectively imitate the company. Data leaked.

6. Cloud anti-virus platform, the general system will suffer very serious losses when encountering viruses. The cloud desktop system has a super anti-virus mechanism and a very superior deployment technology to protect the system from damage.

7. The network is effectively isolated. The inside and outside of the office are completely separated from the outside. The internal network is mainly used to process office data, effectively isolating the file from the outside world.

8. Decentralized management documents, different levels of staff, the respective authority is also different, data information is more systematic planning and application.