User guide for all-in-one computers


The all-in-one is mainly a new form of computer that integrates the host and the display. The price of all- in- one computers on the market is also different, but many low-priced experience is very limited, so generally only recommend the use of high-end all-in-one products, the experience is better. Due to work needs, I bought a imaginative all-in-one computer, which is a high-end one.

There are many people like me who suddenly came into contact with new equipment, but they need to use it quickly. This is why I wrote this article today. I hope to help you get your own equipment faster.

Before choosing an all-in-one machine, you must think about your needs. If you want to experience large-scale online games or stand-alone games, it is better to buy a gaming-type desktop console, but if you want to play "League of Legends" and other configuration requirements It's not a particularly big game, and Imagine all-in-one is still capable. In addition, in the office scene, products such as Imagining all-in-ones are more comfortable, especially for people like me who need high-precision and specialized design requirements. High-configuration all-in-ones can improve work efficiency.

All-in-one computer

First look at the configuration. Generally, most high-end all-in-one processors use i5. For graphics cards, we imagine that all-in-one computers use GT1050 and have a resolution of 1920*1080P. This is of great help to my work. The delicate picture display is still very important.

If the configuration meets the requirements, look at the special application technologies on the all-in- one computer , which are generally display and sound effects. For example, the Imagine all-in-one machine uses Bel Canto sound effects, wide color gamut and other technologies, which are very helpful for design work, even if it is used to watch videos, it is very comfortable.

In fact, the all-in-one is a computer. You must understand its configuration, performance and internal applications. After all, unlike a desktop computer, an all-in-one computer can be disassembled and replaced at any time. You must think about these issues before purchasing. , Or consult a professional. Okay, that's all for sharing, welcome to complain.