Imagine Vision tells you the characteristics of touch all-in-one applications in shopping malls


When we usually go to shopping malls, we will see all-in-one touch machines used in shopping malls. Customers who are quickly attracted to the mall by beauty and fashion. You only need to tap the screen with your fingers. It will quickly tell you what you want to know, convenient, Fast operation and use can provide customers with more services. The small series of touch all-in-one is your specific introduction.


The widespread use of all-in-one touch screens provides users with many convenient and efficient services and assistance, greatly improves the overall image of the business, attracts more businesses, and greatly changes people's traditional information inquiry.

1. Terminal management: support long-distance switch on and off, time switch; support long-distance upgrade and update; real-time monitoring of terminal security and broadcast content.

2. Program editing: The screen can cut any area and can add touch links; it perfectly supports video/picture/subtitle/logo/date and time week/weather and other areas for free split-screen combination; supports real-time exchange rate, queuing phone numbers, TV Foreign data such as broadcasting, news and HTML pages.

3. Program management: Different programs can be compiled into a play list, and previews can also be set; the program can set the date and time of play, scheduled play, real-time penetration, etc.; play list support is intact, group or single.

4. With interactive query function: the touch area is arranged freely and the layout is flexible; free design background pictures, free design touch buttons. The touch area can be in the form of a picture, which can be a web page. When no one touches it, the display screen will automatically jump to show the advertisement video/or actively jump to the homepage.

The above is all the content introduced for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to learn more, you can browse our website.

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